The GHE igniters are non-fouling, inextinguishable, high-energy electric igniters suitable for most liquid and gaseous fuels. They are available for both 47 mm (1-7/8") and 73 mm (2-7/8") diameter support tubes, in lengths to suit the application.
The unique high energy circuit makes use of a controlled capacitor discharge to produce a high energy spark at a pulse rate of approximately 3 to 5 times per second that ignites liquid or gaseous fuels more reliably and consistently.
The GHE igniter assembly is comprised of two major parts; a high energy source of ignition and an internal mix air-gas delivery system.
The GHE Igniters are supplied with:
0.9 m (36") stainless steel flexible gas hose
0.9 m (36") stainless steel flexible air hose
burner mounting tube
high energy probe
igniter tip 305 mm (12") long x 12.7 mm (1/2") outer diameter
Various lengths are available in 1 Ft (30.4 cm) incremental to a maximum of 25 Ft (ca. 8 m)
Note GHE pilot burner assemblies are configured products. That means that the full length needs to be specified when ordering. The configuration cannot be changed once the GHE pilot burner assembly has been produced in the factory. Contact Honeywell before ordering.
Product descriptionTypeDownloads
Gas pilot ignitor assembly (300 - 900 kW)GHE1-3 TXT
Installation/mounting instruction (English) Brochure (English)
Gas pilot ignitor assembly (600 - 1500 kW)GHE2-5 TXT
Installation/mounting instruction (English) Brochure (English)
DescriptionAdditional Product TypeDownloads
12 Joule Power Pack, 120/230Vac, 50/60HzPOWERPACK-12-CS TXT
NEMA 4X enclosure for igniter powerpack.NEMA-4X-ADD TXT
Replacement parts
DescriptionAdditional Product TypeDownloads
Replacement igniter probe junction box with canon plug receptacle for GHE igniters.IGN-CPC-LB TXT
Replacement internal GHE igniter cable with contact, specify length before ordering.HV-HT TXT