Honeywell Pressure switch for gas application C60VR

Compact gas pressure switch based on the Kromschroeder DG.C series for mounting on the side position of VQ400 dual valves and VRB00/VR400/V4730 combination gas valves.
The C60VR40xxx has an adjustable setpoint and performs minimum gas pressure supervision in a safe start interlock circuit.
The C60VR40xxx is designed to be fitted directly on the valve body of the applicable gas valve body, using two mounting screws and an O-ring.
Kind of pressure: overpressure, relative
Pressure connection: Flanged, directly on valve body.
Electrical connection: DIN plug
Protection class: IP00 (IP54 with DIN plug mounted)
Housing material: Body: aluminium
Cover: reinforced PBT glassfibre
Ambient temperature: -15...60C
End switch function/capacity: Switch action: 1x SPDT
Resistive: 5A
Inductive (COS PHI = 0.6): 0.5A
Contact Resistance (initial): < 80 mOhm
Approvals: C60VR40 models: CE (EN 1854)
C60VRT40 models: UL
Mounting position: horizontal
DIN plug not included.
Maximum test pressure 2 Bar < 15 minutes.

Models for Europe
Pressure adjustment range: 5...40mbar
Differential pressure: 1.5...2.5mbar
Max. pressure: 100mbar