Honeywell UV flame sensors C7012A/C/E/F/G

Solid-state electronic UV flame sensor to detect ultraviolet radiation emitted by the combustion of most carbon-containing fuels such as natural gas, LP gases, and oil.
Used with Honeywell burner controls to provide flame supervision in continuous operation for industrial burner applications.
Approvals: CE approved according to EN298 only when used with the correct Honeywell flame amplifiers and/or burner controls.
C7012E/F models are approved for use in continuous operation, by using dynamic self-check.
C7012C/F models are UL listed for use in explosion hazardous locations; Class 1, groups C and D; and Class 2, groups E, F, and G.
Two flame detectors can be wired in parallel to reduce nuisance shutdowns in difficult flame sighting applications.
Quick and easy installation on standard 3/4" NPT sight pipe (Ex-proof models 1" NPT).
The "DIN" models have an additional grounding wire (green/yellow)
Cable length: 2.4m

Standard models for continuous operation (with mechanical shutter)
Mechanical connection: 3/4" NPT
Ambient temperature: -29...79C
Protection class: IP66
Supply voltage: 110 Vac
Comment: "DIN" version
Note: Shutter coil voltage: 120V only