Honeywell Industrial flame monitoring - Viewing Heads

The S55xBE viewing head delivers flame discrimination in the toughest environments and is capable to detect the flame of almost every available fuel type or fuel mixture. With automatic setup, three channels and the ability to monitor UV and IR flame components simultaneously or separately, the P532 signal processor offers improved burner up time and reliability.
Industrial process burners, multiple burner systems, incinerators, ovens, kilns, etc.
Approvals: GOST, FM, UL, CSA & NRTL/C Approved
IECEx certification for specific models (global)
ATEX certification for S550BE-EX (3rd party product)
Protection class: NEMA 4x, IP64
S55xBE: Zone 2 Class 1 Div 2 Group A, B, C and D
S55xBE: IECEX Cat 3 (Zone 2) II 3G IIC T5
S550BE-EX: ATEX {EX} II 2 G Ex d IIC T6 for use in Zone 1 and 2 (3rd party product)
Ambient temperature: -40...70C
Maximum humidity: 85%rh
Sensor: UV Tube, Solid State IR sensor or both UV+IR
Response UV: 210 nm Peak / IR: 1400 nm Peak
Technology: Pulse Count (UV) and Flicker (IR)
Self-check: Electronic (no mechanical moving parts)
Works in combination with P531, P532 and P522 signal processors (P522 with red button labels only).
Note: All S55xBE / P5xx series Flame Safety Products are approved by FM Global for use in SIL 3 environment.
All S55xBE viewing heads are immune to X-Rays and Gamma radiation, making them ideal for a broad variety of industrial applications.
Other than any other flame scanner, the S55xBE viewing heads perform background pulse counting for tube health and therefore don't need a mechanical shutter system for self-checking.
Because Honeywell cable accessories are of USA origin, all cable lengths are measured in Ft (Feet, 1 Ft = 304.8mm)
Operation: Cont.

Flame scanner heads S55xBE
Product description: Single IR viewing head, with Turck connector (included)
Flame detector: IR
Comment: Single LED display for flame signal