Honeywell Industrial flame monitoring - S700/S800 Viewing Heads

The S700 and S800 viewing head is capable to detect the flame of almost every available fuel type or fuel mixture and have a high flame discrimination capabilty because of adjustable background radiation sensitivity.
Industrial process burners, multiple burner systems, incinerators, ovens, kilns, etc.
Approvals: FM, CSA approved
SIL3 capable
Protection class: NEMA 4x, IP64
Ambient temperature: 0...50C
Maximum humidity: 85%rh
S702 and S802 models: Germanium photo diode with spectral response 1110 to 1660 nm
S706 and S806 models: UVton Tube with response 185 to 260 nm
Fali-safe: no mechanical shutter needed because of the use of electronic monitoring and digital signal processing.
Technology: Flicker (S702/S802 - IR) and Pulse Count (S706/S806 - UV)
Works in combination with 700DCSP, 700ACSP and 800SP and on the 3rd channel of the P531 and P532 signal processors.
Note: All S70x/80x/700/800 series Flame Safety Products are approved by FM Global for use in SIL 3 environment.
All S706/S706 UV viewing heads are immune to X-Rays and Gamma radiation, making them ideal for a broad variety of industrial applications.
Other than any other flame scanner, the S706/S806 UV viewing heads perform background pulse counting for tube health and therefore don't need a mechanical shutter system for self-checking.
Because Honeywell cable accessories are of USA origin, all cable lengths are measured in Ft (Feet, 1 Ft = 304.8mm)
Operation: Cont.

Flame scanner heads , with cable connector. Incl. 4.5 m cable and connector.
Product description: Single UV viewing head, in stainless steel enclosure
Flame detector: UV