Honeywell Industrial flame monitoring - U2-101xS All-In-One Viewing head

The Honeywell U2-101xS series model all-in-one viewing head with integrated signal processor delivers flame discrimination in the toughest environments. With automatic setup and the ability to monitor UV and IR flame components simultaneously or separately, the U2-101xS all-in-one flame scanner offers improved burner up time and reliability.
Industrial process burners, multiple burner system.
Sensor: UV Tube (UVTron), UV photo diode (UVss), IR sensor or a combination of these three sensors
Response (peak): 210 nm (UVTron), 310 nm (UVss), 1400 nm (IR)
Technology: Flicker (UVss and IR), Pulse Count (UVTron)
100% immunity for X-Ray and Gamma radiation
Self-check (Electronic shutter): internal processor monitors tube health
All-in-one flame scanner: no additional wiring cabinet needed
Remote communication: Modbus RTU (2 wire RS485 compatible)
7 files for different configuration, that can be selected by applying or removing a voltage on the dedicated terminal (where FILE 0 is selected < 16Vdc and FILE X > 21Vdc) which this allows smooth file transition possible on mixed fuel burners. File 1..7 are selectable via the Modbus connection.
Touch screen user interface: A tempered and fully sealed glass touch wheel sensor: no mechanical moving buttons.
Local display: LED display for flame signal monitoring onsite
Configuration menu is locked to avoid accidental access automatically after a few minutes of inactivity. To unlock, make 1 full 360 turn with the finger around the touch screen window.
Power supply: 24Vdc
Protection class: NEMA 4x, IP66
Zone 2 Class 1 Div 2 Group A, B, C and D
U2-101xS: II 3G Ex nA nC T5 Gc
U2-101xS-PF: II 2G Ex d IIC T6 Gb / 2D Ex d tb IIIC T85 Db
Ambient temperature: -40...70C
Maximum humidity: 85%rh
Approvals: CE (EN298) for continuous operation (Europe).
CSA and FM (US)
IECEx and ATEX (explosion proof)
NCC/Inmetro (Brazil)
EAC (Russia)
KTL (Korea)
SIL 3 Capable
Housing (HxWxD): 117mm|117mm|155mm
Weight: 2.8kg
Output signal: 4-20 mA (or 0-20 mA) with scale multiplier for remote meter or DCS and local display.
Relay outputs: Wire flame and self-check relay contacts in serial to obtain fail-safe operation.
Flame relay: SPST - Normally Open
Self-check relay: SPST - Normally Open
End switch function/capacity: 30 Vdc, 1 A (resistive)
Note: For "PF" models it is highly recommended to use a pipe coupler (see R-518-xx accessories), for easy mounting on to a viewing pipe.
Because Honeywell cable accessories are of USA origin, all cable lengths are measured in Ft (Feet, 1 Ft = 304.8mm)
Control model: Flame switch
Outputs: 2xSPST
Flame failure response time: 1/2/3s selectable

U2-S cable connector models. For general use and Zone 2. Excluding cable, connector, PT adapter and air purge coupler.
Product description: Triple flame sensor.
Comment: 3G Ex nA nC T5
Flame detector: UVTron+UVSS+IR