Honeywell Combination valve "VQ-Modular' with or without side valves

Class "A" Combination Gas Valve, up to 2" connection size. Special flanges are available for pipe sizes from 1/2" up to 2". Modular design:
other valves can be fitted to each side of the valve body, such as a vent valve, pilot valve or or external bypass valve;
special gas pressure switch models are available for direct mounting on either side of the valve body.
For control and regulation of gaseous fuels in gas power burners, gas boilers, ovens, furnaces and other gas consuming appliances.
Gas valve type: 2 safety shutoff valves in series, without pressure regulator.
First safety valve V1: Always fast opening.
Second safety valve V2: Available models:
MA - fast open
MB - fast open with flow rate adjuster (factory set at fully open)
MC - adjustable slow open (1..30 sec) with flow rate adjuster and step-open feature (factory settings: no step, ca. 6 sec slow-open and maximum flow)
Port connection: Honeywell flanges
Media: Designed for use with natural gas, butane or propane.
Materials: Valve body: aluminium die cast body.
Closing spring: AISI 302 steel.
Valve plunger: Chrome plated Fe 360B steel sliding on anti-friction bearing.
Seals and gaskets: Hydrocarbon resistant NBR rubber type.
Approvals: CE (EN161), AGA
The valve solenoids are suitable for permanent energizing, such as applications in continuous operation.
Various pressure tap points are available on both sides of the valve body as well as on the flanges.
An optional Closed Position Indication Switch (CPI) can be mounted on the bottom of the first safety valve V1
Note: The VQ-Modular is designed for a maximum operating frequency of one cycle per minute.
The small body size models are designed for ca. 500k cycles of operation.
The large body size models are designed for ca. 300k cycles of operation.
IMPORTANT: the VQ-Modular does not have an integrated screen at the inlet. For the inlet side always use flange models KTCOMSxx and for the outlet side flange models KTCOMBxx. KTCOMSxx can also be ordered for use at the outlet side, but then the included screen must be removed.
Max. operating pressure: 360mbar
Ambient temperature: -15...60C
Maximum closing time: 1s

First valve fast opening. Second valve fast opening and with flow rate adjuster
Supply voltage: 230 Vac
Valve size: 2inch
Maximum opening time: 1s
Electrical connection: DIN plug
Protection class: IP65
Power consumption: 61W
Maximum flow: 40m3/h
Optional CPI-switch: MS065001
Spare coil V1: BB052309DIN
Spare coil V2: BB152307DIN
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