Honeywell Discontinued: ControLinks - Electronic Fuel-Air Ratio Control System

ControLinks represents a value-added replacement of a mechanical parallel positioning fuel/air ratio control system by cam and linkage assembly controlling. For use with ML7999A2001 direct coupled actuators only, in Commercial or Industrial burners.
Commercial and small and medium sized industrial fuel/air controlled modulating gas, oil and dual fuel burners.
Approvals: CE, CSA, UL, FM, EAC
ONLY for use in "non-GAR" applications
Ambient temperature: -40...60C
Maximum humidity: 85%rh
Works with the ML7999A2001 serial number controlled fail-safe direct coupled actuators.
Can store 2 fully independent fuel/air curves, that are electrically selectable
Can connect up to 4 actuators, 1 for air, 2 for fuels and 1 for flue gas recirculation. Minimal 2 actuators are needed to operate the system.
Note: ControLinks can operate fully independent from the used burner controller. However using the Honeywell 7800-series gets the most out of the system, by extended status and fault indication via the MicrosoftTM WindowsTM CE based full colour system display S7999D.

Protection class: IP40
Supply voltage: 220..240 Vac
Power consumption: 10W
Angle of rotation: no
Runtime: no
Torque: no
Comment: Replaced by Slate F/A ratio control solution