Honeywell Discontinued: Gas pressure regulators HUPF series

Spring-loaded gas pressure regulator with integrated gas filter. With inlet pressure compensation and zero shut-off.
All gas-consuming appliances
Media: manufactured gases (town gas) natural gases (group H - methane) liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) non-aggressive gases air
Materials: body: aluminium die cast, UNI 5076/3051
filter: self-extinguishing synthetic fiber for gases conform EN437 galvanized electro welded mesh
filter: mesh 50um
Approvals: CE (EN88-1), AGA
The outlet pressure is kept constant with changing gas flow as a function of the spring setting. The zero shut-off prevents the outlet pressure from increasing when there is no gas flow through the regulator.
The HUPF-series have a field replaceable filter element.
There are two inlet pressure taps on each side of the regulator: Rp 1/4"
The outlet pressure range can be adjusted by an adjustment screw on to of the regulator.
The HUP(F) series are delivered with the standard (white) spring that determines the outlet pressure range. Other pressure ranges can be selected by changing the spring. See the spring selection overview on this page for other outlet pressure ranges.
Note: For an overview of the Kromschroeder GDJ series gas pressure regulators without integrated gas filter visit (copy/paste link into web browser)
Max. operating pressure: 500mbar
Ambient temperature: -15...60C
Outlet pressure: 10...30mbar
Filter mesh: 50micron

Threaded connection. With incorporated gas filter.
Pipe connection: Internal thread as per ISO 7/1 (Rp)
Threads type: BSP
Pipe size: Rp 1/2