Honeywell Discontinued: Flame relay R4348

The R4348B is a flame switch for continuous operation to indicate presence or absence of a flame and to be applied in large commercial or industrial burner installations.
The R4348B includes a 3-pole flame relay which is energized when flame is sensed and de-energized when "no-flame" is sensed as well as a 3-pole line voltage "load relay". For all type of burners with unlimited capacity.
Approvals: CE approved according EN298 (for continuous operation)
Protection class: IP40
Ambient temperature: -20...60C
Maximum humidity: 90%rh
R4348B provides potential free relay outputs enable Honeywell sensors and amplifiers to be used with a wide range of logic circuits according to customer needs, including a Safe Start function which checks if a flame signal is present at burner start.
Accepts all flame rods or all Honeywell C7012, C7027, C7035, C7044, C7061 and C7076 optical flame detectors, by selecting the correct plug-in flame amplifier.
The R4348B (with rectification amplifier) will operate also with the "former Satronic" IRD1020 range of infrared sensors. Note that this combination is NOT CE approved for use in installations that fall under the GAD (Gas Appliances Directive).
Note: Order mounting/wiring sub base separately.
Outputs: 3xSPST + 2xDPDT
Operation: Flame switch
Flame failure response time: 1,0/2,0s
Flame detector: Depends on plug-in amplifier

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