Honeywell Discontinued: Throttle gas valve for firing rate control V5197A

The V5197A are firing rate valves used to provide variable flow control
Modulating gas burners
Gas valve type: Accurate control of gas flow, driven by actuator.
Media: Air, natural gas, liquefied petroleum (LP), and manufactured gases.
Materials: Unpainted cast aluminium, brass and stainless steel internal parts, NBR seals
Approvals: Threaded Flanged: CE (EN161), UL, CSA
Flanged: CE (EN161)
Pressure switch C6097 (flanged models) can be fitted direct to the side of the valve body. Maximum flow can be set by adjustment screw at the bottom. Adaptable for several actuators by various adaptor kits.
Max. operating pressure: 500mbar
Ambient temperature: -40...66C

Flanged (ISO 7005)
Valve dimension: DN65
Pipe connection: Flanges