Honeywell Discontinued: Solenoid gas valve, normally closed VE410/15/20AA models

Class "A" AC powered, Safety Shutoff Solenoid Gas Valve.
For pilot and small burner applications in gas power burners, gas boilers, ovens, furnaces and other gas consuming appliances.
Gas valve type: AC powered, non regulated ON/OFF normally closed, fast opening.
Media: natural gas, propane, air.
Materials: brass body for 1/4" version, aluminium body for others.
Approvals: CE (EN161), AGA
Pipe connection: Internal thread as per ISO 7/1 (Rp)
Threads type: BSP
Maximum opening time: 1s
Maximum closing time: 1s
Ambient temperature: -15...60C
Protection class: IP65
Electrical connection: DIN plug

110..120 Vac versions
Valve dimension: Rp 3/8
Max. operating pressure: 200mbar
Rated voltage: 115Vac